3.1.23 The Opportunity Application Portal is fixed. Please continue to login as you normally would. 

Welcome to the opportunity application portal where you can apply for opportunities including recognitions, scholarships, fellowships, travel grants and the senior member distinction. Student chapters can also use this portal to access their benefits and annual reporting process. 

You must be logged in to be able to access applications.

  • Click 'log in' at the top right of this screen
  • You have two options:
    • Preferred method: OSA Account (will be swapping to Optica in October) which aligns with your username and password connected to account.osa.org.
    • SurveyMonkey Apply Account if you do not have an account.osa.org account. Some opportunities are only available to society members, and you may not be eligible without an official Optica account created through account.osa.org.
  • Once logged in, you can access a personalized homepage where any of your active applications will be. If you don't have any, you won't see any. 
  • Explore available opportunities:
    • Click 'Programs' at the top right of the screen
    • Search for the program and click 'More'
    • Read the description and if interested, click 'Apply'

Need help? Check out our video walkthrough>